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I’m often questioned as to my choice to pursue events as my career and honestly, I can say without hesitation, I’ve always been addicted to hard work and when you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.
I’m consumed by the result of strenuous hours, sleepless nights and the incredible feeling of butterflies in my stomach when my work comes into fruition. Of course, my profession requires a lot of physical work however you are fixated by the challenge and there is a sense of adrenaline from it
all, I often get asked when do you switch off!
Months of planning and design playing with flowers, materials,paints, textures, and wood. Finding old and new pieces,executing a specific vision despite any obstacles, our team always prevails.
An idea is your imagination cultivating a dream and our team has the confidence and talent to bring life to anything you desire for your special occasions.
JCRC Events + Styling service in Weddings, Styling + Florals and events,
we can’t wait to create with you!
Director Jacqueline Brudenell

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Melbourne,  AUS

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